Don’t Scratch the Paint on your vehicle with Car Snow Removal

Don’t Scratch the Paint on your vehicle with Car Snow Removal

As the weather starts to get cold again, we all can envision the white snowy hills and driveways that our children dream about sledding down.  We all breathe a sigh thinking about that snowstorm that will legally keep us and the kids home from work and school.  We forget about the bad parts of snow when it has been so long since we have had the dreaded white stuff.  So with the threat of various snow and ice storms that might finally hit the Northern Virginia area this winter,  we thought we would give a piece of advice.

Every year we get calls and emails from people who say that they have scratched and scraped their car’s paint finish or metal detailing with a shovel or with an  ice scraper.

If you don’t want to end up with these minor (occasionally major) damages, you should use a soft broom or soft brush on your car, instead of stabbing at the ice on your windshield with a scraper.   .  Avoid using shovels to remove excess snow, as this most frequently can result in that annoying accidental scratching.  Avoid using shovels to remove excess snow from your vehicle …it really rarely ends well!

If you do end up with some vehicle scratches, or have accumulated quite a few over the years, a qualified car detailing company can help to remove these and make your paint finish look great again!  Call Springfield Auto Detailing for an interior or exterior polishing and cleaning of your car!

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